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vr 8 mrt Film Maatschappij Talk

Indië Verloren… Selling a Colonial War | film en nagesprek

Regisseur In-Soo Radstake onthult hoe de Nederlandse overheid decennialang het frame van een gerechtvaardigde oorlog in Indonesië (1945-1949) in stand hield door middel van framing, propaganda en politieke besluiten.
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vr 8 mrt English program Nachtleven Talk

Full Circle with Sunny Jansen

Sunny Jansen a.k.a. Covergirl Sunny is a creative legend, style icon, and an inspirational role model for many. We'll take a deep dive into her early years, her career in music, fashion, and PR.
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za 6 apr Concert Music Performance Zingeving

Ripples #2 | To See The Ordinary As Extraordinary

An immersive music led experience that shows the novel, universal truths about this life we're all living. Inspiring introspection and a powerful sense of togetherness, joy, and connection. Blurring the line between performer and observer.
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vr 12 apr English program Talk

Living Room Session 5

Welcome to the fifth edition of the Living Room Session. A place that radiates familiarity and warmness, as well as a place where people come together, get inspired and recharge in various ways. This edition we dive deeper into the theme 'memory'.
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vr 12 apr

Oplaadsessie | Sound Bath Experience

Let the enchanting vibrations of singing bowls and an array of soul-soothing instruments gently massage your cells from within. The unique practice is guided by Judy Young, whose authenticity has derived from her twelve year long yoga practice and performative arts background.
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vr 12 apr – za 13 apr Installation Performance Zingeving

Funeral Ecstasy – The Paradise

A celebration, a guided meditation, or a rave for the end? Rotterdam-based interdisciplinary crew HipSick presents their newest performative installation on April 12 & 13.
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