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vr 14 okt

Living Room Session #2

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Welcome to the second edition of Living Room Session. A place that radiates familiarity and warmness as well as a place where people come together, get inspired and recharge in various ways. Walk around and be amazed by art from Osawe, recentre through a sound experience by Bruno Sitton and recharge on the couch while listening to interesting convos between Director-screenwriter Nohaila Gamah and host Shaquille Shaniqua Joy. Start your weekend well on the 14th of October and allow yourself to be present and get inspired by a sound experience, short movie screening, art and conversations.

According to the United Nations, today, 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas. While for many people living in a big city is a goal that comes with many exciting activities, interesting people and career opportunities, it can also be overwhelming to be in a fast paced space that lacks nature and promotes constant productivity. Being overly stimulated can lead to losing your focus while being distracted. In addition, having the internet and social media as a place to constantly develop new skills and accumulate knowledge on various levels can be beneficial but also draining. Therefore, more people are discussing the benefits of doing less and allowing yourself to get inspired and recharged in various ways by looking more within and listening to your inner voice. 

The living room is a metaphor for a place that radiates intimate, familiar, warm and welcoming energy, as well as a place where people come together. It brings together art hanging on the walls, music that one might play or listen to, movies that you watch and conversations with others in the space. With our Living Room Session, we bring all of these aspects together and welcome you into Felix Meritis for an evening of inspiration.

Join moderator Shaquille Shaniqua Joy and her guests for this Living Room Session and allow yourself to be present. 

Living Room Session #2 is part of Felix Fridays. Afterwards you can join and mingle in our Huslylounge during DJ & Drinks. This edition Nathifa Efia wil be spinning her records.

Shaquille Shaniqua Joy | Creative Producer & Host

Shaquille Shaniqua Joy is an interdisciplinary creative focusing on storytelling through different mediums. Within the cultural sector, her role ranges from researching to conceptualizing and writing, with a focus on moderation and creative production. Within her work, Shaquille explores sociopolitical and pop-cultural subjects by combining research and the embodied experiences of herself and others. 

Swendeline Ersilia | Spoken Word Artist

“Everything in the name of love, for the sake of love, however it comes. Poetry is a language, a radical act that gives her access to return and connect with just that. Swendeline Ersilia’s work is simply a reflection to some and self. An attempt to understand and let go but most definitely a reminder that she/we are alive.”

Osawe | Painter & Artist

Osayi Osawe Turay is a self-taught artist and painter born and raised in Nigeria. Within his work, he explores the nuances of color whilst always drawing inspiration from his childhood days in Nigeria and his current surroundings. Expressing himself through the art of painting is a way to calm the mind and experience joy. Turay wishes to inspire others to also explore that inner joy through the process of creating. 

Bruno Sitton | Specialist in Meditative Experiences

Bruno Sitton was introduced to the practices of Zen at a very young age. Since then, he has devoted his daily time and effort into multiple meditation practices, biohacking methods and habitual behaviour patterns, truly establishing them into modern daily life experiences. His studies in a variety of cultures have led him to implement the ancient ways of sound in the experiences.
One of Bruno’s ways to contribute and serve is by combining the element of sound and space; welcoming others to share in an immersive and meditative concert that navigates them into nowness.

Julian Tjon Sack Ki | Composer & Musician

Julian Tjon Sack Kie is a composer and musician who moves through the worlds of acoustic and electronic music. Being grown up with different cultures, intercultural music has always been an important subject in Julian his music. Trough his studies and training in classical, jazz, electronic and world music, Julian is always trying to create free music, not being limited to any genre. Being a nature enthusiast and Buddhist as well, both nature and non-western philosophy are the biggest sources of inspiration for Julian and he always aspires to integrate that in his music.

Phantom Wizard | Music Artist

Phantom Wizard is an artist from Amsterdam telling stories through experimental sounds intersecting between jazz, minimal, hiphop and electronic music. Music is his preferred medium of expressing thoughts and feelings about life, nature and spirituality.

Nohaila Gamah | Director-Screenwriter

Director-screenwriter Nohaila Gamah makes videos, documentaries and films in which she plays with different styles and genres. This is also prominent in her fiction film ‘Emotional Girl’ which is selected for the Debut Competition at Nederlands Film Festival 2022. Nohaila believes in making recognizable and authentic films. Thereby she focuses on creating new stories that often broaden the normative images we have about being a woman/man/human.

‘Emotional Girl’ written and directed by Nohaila Gamah

Starring: Sinem Kavus and Nora El Koussour

Production company: Millstreet Films