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vr 3 feb

Waan↦Zin | Burnout bash

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Ticket price includes a drink

Do you feel tired, uninspired, anxious, overstimulated or straight up burnt out? You’re not alone. With 43% of people who quit their job last year citing burnout as the reason, this is clearly a difficult systemic issue. Welcome to Waan↦Zin, a playful series exploring creative solutions to systemic mental health challenges. This series is an invitation to and celebration of vulnerability.

Burnout symptoms have been described since ancient Egypt and the book of Exodus – so while it’s nothing new, it is a societal problem with 17% of Dutch workers experiencing symptoms. #riseandgrind has evolved into ‘the great resignation.’

Yet it can also inspire new possibilities – excitement after the delusion (Waan↦Zin). It forces us to slow down, care for ourselves, and re-examine our priorities. When our definitions of success are reset according to our own needs, creativity and enthusiasm slowly find a way back in.   

‘I know the feeling now, when I can’t spin a sentence, & sit mumbling & turning; & nothing flits by my brain which is as a blank window.’ 

– Virginia Woolf (1926) 

Join us to explore the science of burnout, how it impacts people personally and at a societal level, and how we can come out stronger on the other side. Hear inspiring recovery stories from artists and makers who have found exciting ways to tap into their vitality and creativity after a difficult time and come together to make things and share resources. While recovery is a very individual process, collectively we can support each other to find new sources of joy and purpose.  

Waan↦Zin #1: talks, playground, Q&A, fuzzy’s, humor, neuroscience, like-minded people, make stuff.

Waan↦Zin is part of Felix Fridays. Afterwards you can join and mingle in our Husly lounge during DJ & Drinks.

Cathelijne Blok | Host

Cathelijne Blok searched for her own interpretation of the term feminism while writing her Master’s thesis in Art History. This search culminated in the online & offline feminist art platform ‘TheTittyMag’. Among other things, she developed a special VR exhibition for Cosmopolitan, video series for the Rijksmuseum to TikTok, a collaboration with the Dutch embassy in Tokyo, the first online edition of Vincent on Friday X The Tittymag about women in art, a feminist art installation in Youseum, exhibition Spiritual Urgency in the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam and experience as (final) editor/ concept developer/director of several major media and advertising productions. She gives art lectures, offers creative consultancy for leading brands and museums, writes columns for Cosmopolitan, Eva Jinek online and the VARAgids among others, makes several podcasts for the Parool among others and likes to join TV and online shows like Margriet van der Linden. After her first book ZESTIEN with Tatjana Almuli, she is currently working on her second book about art with Publishing Podium.

Alfhild Kulper | Visual artist

 Alfhild Kulper is an artist and designer aiming to create physical representations of the soft spots in our minds. The places we go to re-charge, to think free and to be playful like a child. She graduated from Central Saint Martins University of the Arts London 10 years ago, and has since lived in the Netherlands, working as a fashion designer for the dutch brand Viktor & Rolf.  She recently took the scary and exiting leap to become an independent artist, following her true creative ambition. Turning from dressing the body towards dressing our living spaces. Creating emotionally loaded, soft shaped textile pieces. The work felt healing, both to make and touch. A lasting alternative to overconsumption and mass production. Using a mix of traditional tufting techniques with 3D embroidery, she crafts landscapes and figures out of leftover material from the textile industry in India. 

Carol Milters | Writer & speaker

Carol Milters is a writer, speaker, and consultant on burnout, workaholism and the culture of mental health in the workplace. She is the author of “My Morning Pages: Chronicles of living through Burnout” and “One Step per Day: Meditations to begin again, whenever you need”, and founder of the first Global Burnout Awareness Week and the online support group Burnoutados Anônimos. Carol integrates this career with a communication consultancy and is a member of the International Association of Professional Writers & Editors, applying her expertise of 15+ years in planning and creating award-wining marketing strategies for organisations throughout Latin America, the USA, Europe and the Middle East.

Bonnie Warnars | Yoga, meditation and breathwork teacher

Bonnie comes from Amsterdam, and half of her bloodline stems from Indonesia. She grew up with the practice of yoga, as her mom had a daily practice, while next to the breakfast bowls her mom was playing the singing bowls. She was blessed to join yoga and meditation workshops in Bali at age 13. From the age of 3 she went to the elementary school of the Rosicrucian, where the moto is to live from listening to the heart. Today her mission is to teach people to listen to their body’s and to feel the intense joy throughout movement — or simply by sitting still. Bonnie teaches vinyasa, yin and mediation at Delight Yoga, Equal Yoga, MACU Festival, Conscious Club, and Soho House, making it creative and challenging through incorporating elements like Chinese medicine and musical layers.