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SOLD OUT | Ripples 2 | To See The Ordinary As Extraordinary

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An immersive music experience that shows the novel and universal truths about this life we’re all living. Inspiring introspection and a powerful sense of togetherness, joy, and connection. Blurring the line between performer and observer.

The heart of Ripples lies in a profound exploration of universal themes, resonating with people from all walks of life. This is achieved by curating a diverse group of musicians, each with their own unique sound, and bringing them together to create a musical composition that delves deeply into these fundamental concepts. The result is a profound and enchanting moment that will continually surprise and captivate.

”Ripples 2 will be an expression of the things we find ordinary, but on closer observation, are magical and extraordinary.

Furthermore, Ripples extends beyond the confines of a traditional musical concert by flexibly fusing with various art forms, tailored to the concept. Deepening the overall artistic encounter for the audience.

Art Expression

Ripples is not just a musical concert but a captivating journey that combines the beauty of music, art, and innovative technologies to enlighten and inspire. With its immersive nature, focus on universal themes, and dedication to showcasing local talent, Ripples will become a moment for the observer and performer to connect with your self and others. In this moment memories are made that serve as inspiration on one’s individual life experience.

Performing artists

Visual Art by Vincent Rang

A visual artist that primarily works with moving image as a medium. Vincent observes, captures, and rearranges various natural dances on Life. From wind patterns, water currents, blooming flowers and landscapes of rock formations, to create abstract visual experiences.
By creating an installation and recording this with a macro lens, a live show of projections will be surrounding Ripples 2.

Tea Ceremony

During Ripples 2, it’s possible to add the Tea Ceremony to your experience. By adding reverence and ritual to the preparation of an ‘ordinary’ bowl of Tea. It becomes a magical moment of experience.

When choosing for Tea Ceremony tickets, front row seats are guaranteed (either on meditation pillow or chair). The Tea served will be a special aged Tea originated from the 80s/90s.

Setting and seating plan

The setting and seating plan of Ripples are thoughtfully designed to optimize the transformative potential of the music. Attendees are encouraged to sit in stillness and fully immerse themselves in the melodies and rhythms. This intentional arrangement causes an atmosphere of wonder and curiosity, drawing the audience into the center of the ripple, enabling them to experience the magic of the experience in full effect.

Artistic Direction by Bruno Sitton

The concept of Ripples was created by Bruno Sitton, a creative with a diverse background in the music and fashion industries, having lived in various cities like Paris, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, and New York. Bruno’s expertise lies in immersive experience design and music curation. His commitment to Ripples stems from a personal desire to enrich the local arts communities in different cities, recognizing their untapped potential. Ripples seeks to create a spotlight for impactful local talent by collaborating with diverse musicians, artists, and performers, infusing each rendition with unique perspectives and expressions.

A Luminora Experience

Ripples 1 – A Dance With Life

The past edition in June 2023, we delved into the universal theme of the eternal urge of every human being to dance and flow with life, sometimes impeded by struggles, requiring us to ‘fight’ against life before once again flowing with it.