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vr 12 apr

Oplaadsessie | Sound Bath Experience

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Escape into a realm of tranquility and rejuvenation with a blissful sound bath experience. Let the enchanting vibrations of singing bowls and an array of soul-soothing instruments gently massage your cells from within. The unique practice is guided by Judy Young, whose authenticity has derived from her twelve year long yoga practice and performative arts background.

This is Judy’s third time giving this performance at Felix Meritis. The experience has a more positive effect the more often you do it. Everyone is welcome, whether you joined a previous session or not.

Judy Young has brought her diverse artistic background to Amsterdam, where she has crafted a unique hybridized art form inspired by her experience in theatre, circus and poetry. Through her creative disciplines at Young Hoops she produces performances, curates events and leads movement and sound workshops.
Judy’s passions are expressed through her shows and events, where she combines her artistry with a message of self-love and cultural awareness as an Asian performance artist living in Western society. In her show, Young Hoops Cabaret and self-published books Sour Silk (2022) and Clown Rituals (2023) she provides a platform to express her message and inspire her audience. Her dedication to her craft is evident through her decade-long practice in yoga and meditation, where she cultivates dancing with the spine. 

Judy’s work has been recognized both locally and internationally, as she has completed artist residencies in Poland, Portugal and Rotterdam. Recently, she has brought her show ‘Sour Silk Cabaret’ to Fringe World Festival 2024 in Perth, Australia.

Judy is an artist with a Bachelor’s degree in Performance Studies from Curtin University, Australia and Kingston University, London. She is currently an artist in residence at WOW Amsterdam from 2019 to 2024.

Would you like to join this program, but currently don’t have the means to buy a ticket? Send an e-mail to info@felixmeritis.nl to work something out.