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di 22 jun

Music Makes Change

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There are only 30 seats available for this event.

US artist/singer-songwriter, Norman Vladimir is excited to announce the kickoff event for his new platform Music Makes Change .

US artist/singer-songwriter, Norman Vladimir is excited to announce the kickoff event for his new platform Music Makes Change . On June 22, at 13:30, MMC invites the talented musician/artist Kris Berry to perform an intimate afternoon of music in the Shaffyzaal of Felix Meritis around the topic of loneliness. She will later be joined on stage for a talk with a representative from NL Cares, a local volunteer organization, to discuss the impact of loneliness on their respective work. The event will conclude with a sign-up of the attendees with NL Cares for 1 hour of local community volunteer work, to round out the whole MMC experience. 

After over a year of isolation and distance, we see now, more than ever, the importance of our human connection, to each other, and to the place we call home.

From Norman Vladimir: “I was inspired to create MMC from my own experiences of being a musician and expat. I wanted to find a new way to connect to people and to my local community, and to create a local impact, and I wanted others to feel that same transformative power of music. MMC is that platform that will allow us to (re)connect to each other, to feel the power of music, and to make a lasting positive change in our communities through civic engagement. Asking for just one hour of your time to volunteer after the event with a local organisation. Just one hour can change the world – for yourself and for someone else.”

We invite you to join this fresh, inspiring kickoff event for Music Makes Change! You may purchase your tickets HERE.


·         Welcome by Norman Vladimir and Introduction of Kris Berry

·         Musical performance by Kris Berry with guitarist & co-producer Jan Schröder

·         Discussion over theme of Loneliness with Kris Berry & NL Cares

·         NL Cares sign-up of guests for 1 hour of local volunteering

Norman Vladimir – musician & founder of MMC

This program is part of the Cultural Emergency Hospital of Felix Meritis: we open our doors to make our corona-proof facilities available to other cultural institutions or artists who are also struggling due to corona, but want to keep creating. To support that, we are offering our facilities free of charge. That way, we allow others to catch their artistic breathright in the beautiful center of Amsterdam.