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vr 12 apr

Living Room Session 5

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Welcome to the fifth edition of the Living Room Session. A place that radiates familiarity and warmness, as well as a place where people come together, get inspired and recharge in various ways. This edition we dive deeper into the theme ‘memory’.

Take a seat in the living room as moderator Shaquille Shaniqua Joy guides you through an evening with a memory meditation by artist Sandy Van den Brink, the screening of ‘Subtle Rush Volume 1’ (2023), a visual mixtape by artist and director Tarona and an inspiring performance piece by artist kairo fumilayo edward. Start your weekend well on the 12th of April and allow yourself to be present while getting inspired by film, meditation, art and conversation.


Memory can be defined as the process of taking in information from the world around us, processing it, storing it and later recalling that information. We share a collective memory of cultural and historical moments but also smaller events which, for instance, took place in our families. It is interesting how our individual recalling of said memories can differ from the people around us.

Some of us cherish specific objects that become symbols of our memory, while others might try to work through or overcome negative memories we wish could be forgotten. Why do we remember certain events vividly, as if they took place yesterday, while others slowly fade? What role does archiving play, and how does our memory affect our future? We’ll explore this varied subject through different mediums, including meditation, film, performance and conversations.  

The living room as a metaphor

The living room is a metaphor for a place that radiates intimate, familiar, warm and welcoming energy and a space where people come together. It unites art hanging on the walls, music that one might play or listen to, movies you watch, and conversations with others in the space. The Living Room Session brings all of these aspects together in an evening of inspiration curated and hosted by Shaquille Shaniqua Joy at Felix Meritis.  

Join moderator and program maker Shaquille Shaniqua Joy and her guests for this Living Room Session and allow yourself to be present.

Moderator & guests

Shaquille Shaniqua Joy | Moderator & Program Maker 

Shaquille Shaniqua Joy is an interdisciplinary creative focusing on storytelling through different mediums. Within the cultural sector, her role ranges from researching to conceptualizing and writing, focusing on moderation and program-making. Her excitement for people and their fascinations is the base of her practice. As a moderator she always strives to have conversations rather than interviews. 

Within her work, Shaquille explores sociopolitical and pop cultural subjects by combining research and the embodied experiences of herself and others. This has led her to a range of conversations and programs, including live and recorded panel talks, reporting formats and exhibitions in collaboration with cultural institutions, organizations and museums, as well as commercial brands.

Sandy Van den Brink | Artist-Designer

Floating within the liminal realm between art and design, Sandy’s practice involves a diverse array of intertwining disciplines. She researches and reflects on Caribbean narratives within critical issues pertaining to cultural transmission, geopolitics and mental health. These narratives, depending on how they’re best depicted and shared, she embeds into (digital) objects, textile pieces, photo-series and even recipes.

Her practice and resulting work aim to mutually soothe, empower and expand identities for both those engaging with the work as well as personally for Sandy herself.

Tarona | Artist & Director 

Tarona (1985, Curaçao) is an artist & director, currently based in Rotterdam. She has dedicated her career to exploring the complexities of identity while creating a space for the Black Diaspora to cultivate a new way of knowing and being.

In 2021 she was granted a four year Mondriaan Fund for Established Artists to further expand her work, research and artistic practices after having received Mondriaan Fund Emerging Talent a year prior.

She directed her first film in 2020, titled ‘Pivot’; a film about Black performances in white spaces, which saw its first light on the 4:3 film platform (by Boiler Room), went on to be exhibited + screened across multiple institutes & festivals across Europe & US.

kairo fumilayo edward | Artist 

kairo fumilayo edward, born in 2000 is a Swiss-Nigerian performing artist whose work is located in the in-betweens. kairo’s practice revolves around retracing their heritage and challenging the prevailing canon, (visual) habits and norms within the West-European performing arts scene. Through their diverse practices encompassing, crafting sonic landscapes, songwriting, acting and performance making, kairo delves into the intersections of ancestral realms and contemporary pop culture, composing visceral experiences that blur the boundaries between past, present and future.

🧜🏼🫧🪸water spirits🪸🫧🧜🏾‍♀️ is part of an ongoing research on West-African origin stories, folktales and mythology, particularly coming from the Òrìṣà culture of the Yoruba people.

Zacquel Phipps

Zacquel Phipps is a trans-disciplinary artist working at the intersections of dance, writing, music and modern science. Some themes Zacquel explores his works are de/post-colonialist practices, anthromorphism, human polarity and magnetism and the deconstructions of academic conventions of dance.

Naomi Rosa Katthagen performance art // dance 

 Naomi is a German-Guinean movement artist, based in Germany and the Netherlands. Their movement archive consists of training in western styles like Contemporary and Ballet as well as afro-diasporic dance styles such as Hip Hop and House. Naomi’s research revolves around creating a fusion of their varied training, all the while focusing on finding ways to let go of eurocentric and heteronormative codes that are imbedded in many of the dance techniques they embody. This practice is about finding empowerment through movement.

Ezri Jade is a Guyanese/Dutch multidisciplinary creative. Inspired by her roots and Pan-African belief, she takes you on a musical journey exploring the diaspora in it’s many forms. While her selecting journey started close to home with Reggae, her sound expands to (Afro-)electronic and eclectic riddims.

*English program

Would you like to attend this program, but don’t have the means to pay for a ticket? Send an email to info@felixmeritis.nl, we can work something out.