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do 29 jun

New Date | BLACK EARTH | Cultivating the Collapse

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As systems and climate collapse around us, we consider the question: what does the death of modern rationality have to do with being in a reciprocal relationship with Earth? Can we collaborate with the collapse in order to start anew? How much death do we need to promote in order to give room to life?

Can we collaborate with and accelerate the collapse in order to start anew?

This evening features talks with Milton Almonacid (philosopher and cultural researcher), Felipe Viveros (activist and artist), Olaf Boswijk (co-founder of Valley of the Possible) followed by a participatory visualization workshop by Milton Almonacid, supported by alumni of Valley of the Possible’s BLACK EARTH 2022 residency program.


Felipe Viveros | Artist, strategist & consultant

Felipe is British-Chilean artist, strategist and consultant specialising in campaigning, program design and fundraising. He has worked with governments and organisations globally, and has served as the Board Chair of /The Rules, a global network of activists, coders, researchers and artists addressing the root causes of poverty, inequality and climate change. In 2020, Felipe helped to co-found Choose Earth, an Indigenous led fund and storytelling platform working across Brazil & the UK.  

Throughout his career Felipe has championed epistemic justice, social & environmental justice, and Indigenous peoples rights. He founded, alongside British filmmaker Alan Ereira, the Black Line Initiative, a groundbreaking environmental Indigenous consultancy with the Kogi people of Colombia. Felipe is a Bertha Fellow, a member of the UN Harmony with Nature initiative and a Commissioner for the Sacred Headwaters Initiative. He holds an MSc in Holistic Science from Schumacher College, in the UK. 

Milton Almonacid | Philosopher of science, cultural and technology studies

Milton Almonacid (Chile) is a philosopher of science, cultural and technology studies from Copenhagen University. His fields of interest are epistemology of sciences, decolonization of knowledge and mind, whiteness studies, indigenous epistemologies, non-western global narratives and intercultural translation, amongst others. Milton holds a Master’s degree in Political Science, Philosophy, and Psychoanalysis focused on the study of social movements in Chile, the construction of the legitimacy of scientific thought, as well as Mapuche contents excluded from the social identity of Chilean society. 

Since 2012 he has been partly living in Denmark where he has completed a Master in ‘Global Studies and Cultural Encounters’, with a focus on the global dynamics of interculturality and the logic of exclusion and marginalization of Indigenous wisdom in the production of global knowledge. 

Olaf Boswijk  | Co-founder of Valley of the Possible

Olaf is co-founder of Valley of the Possible, Refugio for Art & Research in the Chilean Andes offering time and space for artistic and scientific research whilst exploring new narratives on the relation between man and the rest of the natural world.  

Previously he traveled the Americas for almost 3 years and was owner/founder of TrouwAmsterdam and De School, two of the most wellknown and revered clubs for electronic music and contemporary art in Amsterdam, which both also featured a restaurant. He was creative director at 11, a club, restaurant and art space that laid the foundation for Trouw and De School’s later success. Olaf has been active on the board of the arts foundation De Verdieping, which organised several exhibitions and public programs in collaboration with renowned international art institutions such as Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), Palais de Tokyo (Paris, France), New Museum (New York, USA) and Beirut (Cairo, Egypt). He has a background in music journalism, event production and studied Audio Engineering at The Insititute for Creative Media (SAE). He is also an international DJ and makes his own podcast called Radio Balthasar.

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