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do 25 mei

AI for Good #4: Artificial Well Being

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You use Headspace to unwind. There’s a smart tracker on your wrist. You record your daily steps, your workouts and your sleep schedule. Tinder has been the perennial wingman for our relationships for more than 10 years. As MIT Researcher Sherry Turkle observed long ago, “technology is increasingly becoming the architect of our intimacy.”  

What does it mean for our emotional well-being when we constantly share our personal data with these apps? What if that data is further mixed, enriched or exploited by AI? What do we really need from each other? How is AI getting involved in relationships of care and intimacy, and what choices do we still have? 


In this series, creative makers and entrepreneurs working with AI present their original work and best practices and take us through the current landscape of artificial intelligence. What can we, and they as creators, learn from the insights of scientists? And from the methods of artists? How are the possibilities of AI used meaningfully and responsibly?

Laurens Vreekamp | Programmeur & moderator

Laurens Vreekamp (moderator) founded Future Journalism Today and author of the book The Art of AI. He previously programmed and moderated AI for Good #1 on Media & Art and #2 on Inclusivity and Security. We are happy that he is back with this interesting edition.

Levien Nordeman | Researcher, teacher and writer

Levien Nordeman is a lecturer, researcher and writer about data, data literacy and society. Levien works for the studies Communication and Multimedia Design (CMD) and the Master Data Driven Design (MDDD) at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. Het Spiegelpaleis van data is Levien’s first book about how to live with data, algorithms and AI and is published in March 2023 by Bot Publishers. 

Website: www.leviennordeman.nl 

Boek: Het Spiegelpaleis van data 

Babusi Nayoni | Artist & Technologist

Babusi is a tech entrepreneur working between Amsterdam, Nairobi and Bulawayo. He works in the fields of emerging technology and big data innovation with a particular focus on developing sustainable solutions for the global South.
With over 10 years of experience in the advertising, financial and technology industries, he specialises in contributing the practical skills needed to drive meaningful innovation in areas where scale and impact are hindered by structural limitations.

Website: https://babusinyoni.com/

Nadia Piet | Researcher & Designer AIxDesign

Nadia Piet is a designer, researcher and creative with a focus on AI/ML, data, tech, (digital) culture and creativity. Nadia founded AIxDESIGN, holds an MA in Data-Driven Design, and continues to explore through freelance and self-initiated projects & play that question how we design, interact, and relate to technology. Previously, Nadia worked as Head of Creative Technology at DEPT Agency, design researcher for emerging technology with Bit, facilitated workshops to demystify digital with DECODED, published the AI meets Design toolkit in collaboration with MOBGEN | Fjord | Accenture Interactive, freelanced for 8+ years, and had the opportunity to live & work out of 10 countries across the globe.

Frank Meeuwsen | Team Lead for Kaliber Studio

Frank is the team lead for Kaliber Studio, a talented group of content specialists. He is passionately dedicated to crafting diverse stories in text, sound, and image. Frank’s accomplishments include being one of the pioneering bloggers in the Netherlands, authoring the acclaimed book “Bloghelden,” co-founding Lifehacking, and actively contributing to the organization of Indieweb Conferences. His extensive background encompasses digital agencies, corporate settings, and startups, making him a true powerhouse in the field.

Kaliber is a digital agency that combines strategy, creativity and technology to make people understand, feel and do something. They create what they call intensive interaction, interaction between people and brands beyond the boundaries of a screen. They want to make people feel something, encourage them to take action. They make people and brands fall in love with each other. They are here to make sense for future proof brands.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/frankmeeuwsen/