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Women leaders in tech

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How to raise the bar

It is a known fact that women are underrepresented in the tech scene. A recent study shows that the ones that do work in the sector have a real chance of downshifting their potential or leaving the scene all together during the course of their career. What are the barriers for women in the tech sector, and how do we raise the bar? In this program, we will speak with women in leadership positions about addressing women’s (under)representation in the tech sector, the barriers they have experienced, and their vision on how to create a space for growth.

According to the report, Women on the Workplace 2021  burnout takes a significant toll on the representation of women in the workplace, increasing inequities within the promotion pipeline.  Although there is a growing commitment to racial equality in the tech sector,  women of color are even more likely than white women to be on the receiving end of disrespectful and “othering” behavior. Women leaders are increasingly stepping up to support employee well-being through diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, but their work receives little recognition. Tonight we will zoom in on these developments and what it means for the future of women’s representation. In addition, we will dive into the ethical implications of not having enough women working in the tech sector. Join us and be part of the conversation.


19:30 – Walk-in
20:00 – Introduction by Moderator: Ashwini US (Hello Fresh)
20:05 – Keynote: Why do women make tech more ethical?

20:30 – Panel 1: Continuous growth in Women’s Leadership: Research shows that even though women outperform men in most leadership skills, they lack certain critical leadership qualities. How do we work on those? Speakers: Oge Opara-Nadi (10x), Sadaf Khan(Randstad Global), Archana Wuntakal(Deloitte),Demi Oepkes(BUX)

21:00 – Panel 2: What stands between YOU and that C-level seat? According to research, women are decreasingly aiming for executive roles. Why are YOU not dreaming of that seat yet? And more importantly, how does one plan on getting there? Speakers: Dr. Cara Antoine- (IG&H), Lieke Lamb(trendwatcher.com), Marisa Monteiro Borsboom (Humanity of Things), Raisa Ghazi (Public Speaker & University Lecturer)

21:30 – Closing
21:35 – Networking
22:00 -The end

This program is organised by Felix Meritis in collaboration with The High Tech Tea and Women in Tech .

The program is in English.

About the partners:
The High Tech Tea is an organization that promotes and stimulates gender equality in technology. It was invented to connect and inspire women in tech.
Women in Tech is an international non-profit organization on a mission to close the gender gap and to help women embrace technology.

Archana Wuntakal is a technology leader. With more than 12 years of experience in technology she has helped many organizations across Europe in their digital transformation. She has demonstrable experience in bridging the cultural gap within teams and bringing technology & people together. Motivating and coaching young professionals in IT gives her energy as she truly believes that “We rise by lifting others”. She is also a standup comedian and co-author of Ready for Female Leadership: The Future is NOW.

Raisa Ghazi is an internationally requested public speaker on Inclusive and Ethical Leadership and an expert in Women’s Leadership. She’s been acknowledged by Forbes as a leader in her field of coaching executives and the Dutch Social & Economic Board ‘’Top Women’’. She’s also a guest lecturer at Nyenrode Business University, one of the most prestigious universities in the Netherlands. In 2018 she founded SkillGenie (the first Dutch E-learning platform that promotes equality in the workplace) and the High Tech Tea (an organization that pledges to make technology a more women-friendly industry). Her events draw thousands of women and are full of inspiring speakers, knowledge, and fun. 

Ashwini Uthrapathi Shakila is the Associate Director for People Analytics at HelloFresh. She is passionate about fixing things, whether it is building a team with complementing skills or solving problems in a process to improve it. She has lived and worked in  India, Singapore, Japan and Netherlands across Project Management, Strategy and Analytics. Inclusion and Diversity has been an integral part of her personal and professional journey. As an ardent ambassador for Women in Tech, she is passionate about sharing thoughts and thought-provoking questions that empower people to bring out their best.

Dr. Cara Antoine is Managing Director at IG&H and has seasoned experiences in digitally transforming businesses and cultures across global corporates and industries from Polaroid to Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, Royal Dutch Shell, Microsoft, and IG&H. She serves at the intersection of tech and humanity as President and Non-Executive Member of the Board of Women in Tech Netherlands, Country Chair for Digital Literacy at the G100, Supervisory Board Member at the Wortell Group, and on the Quality Council at BIT Academy, with the ambition to empower and upskill future generations of female leaders to choose for a course of study or career in tech. As a Patient Leader, Cara’s focus on digitalising visual health led her to join the Board of the Cornea Patient Association and serve as Chairwoman of the Hennie Völker Dieben Award, at the Board of Easee, the first clinically proven online eye-exam, and as Transformation Leader at the European Society for Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) Digital Health Committee. Her Doctor Business Administration (DBA) research at Bradford University explored individual behaviours that explain a manifestation in relationships that influence human collaboration and innovation in the workforce and communities where we live. 

Dèmi Oepkes is PR Lead at BUX, one of Europe’s fastest-growing neobrokers. As a tech communications expert, Dèmi owns all PR communications and is leading the teams in the 8 European countries BUX has a presence in. Dèmi has led the external communications of fintech scale-up BUX throughout pivotal business moments that have shaped the company as it is now.

Oge Opara-Nadi is an internationally requested public speaker in technology and the Head of Developer Experience & Operational Excellence at 10x. 10x’s mission is to transform banking for customers, banks, and society & to be the global banking operating system of choice. 10x Banking, a Banking-as-a-Service provider that services millions of customers for big players in the financial industry like JP Morgan Chase, and Westpac (Australia). Oge oversees the three functional domains: CICD Platform, Enterprise Tooling & Engineering Excellence, to empower engineering teams to deliver business capabilities quickly to optimal quality with minimal friction. She comes from a strong software engineering background with over 2 decades of experience building high-performing teams & delivering strategic goals at multi-national companies (American Express, Sky UK, NowTV, Sky News). Oge has a natural talent for technical leadership in software engineering. Oge’s mission is to be an industry-renowned role model for women in technology & lead diverse cross-functional domains that empower teams to achieve  excellence. She’s on the EDI Committee and chairs the 10x Women in Engineering Network.  

Sadaf Khan is an internationally requested public speaker on the topics of – Business Transformation, Change Management, ED & I and Inclusive Leadershop. Sadaf has over 15 years of experience in her field, across large industries – Aviation, Logistics, Supply Chain and Cargo, Oil and Gas and Staffing / Recruitement. She is a Boatd Member at the Association of Xhagne Management (ACMP) MENA group, a sought after Mentor and Moderator. With her unique style in connecting with her audience, and relaying practical usable information; Sadaf’s events draw large crowds across the globe and are fun and humorous.

Lieke Lamb is CEO of the Future Expertise Center. Being an Innovation Ambassador and TrendStrategist she has been closely following technological, social and economic trends for over 20 years. As an advisor of companies, governmental organizations, Start-Ups and NGO’s she is a leading TrendAnalist and KeynoteSpeaker on topics as Strategic Leadership, Digital Transformation, Technology, Diversity & Inclusion, and the Educational System. Regularly on Dutch TV as expert, presenter and interviewer. Member of the Board of Women in Tech NL . Guest teacher at Nyenrode University (Strategic Leadership Program) and owner of the Dutch broadcast channel Trendwatcher.TV.