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vr 26 mei

Waan>zin #2 | Psychedelics

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Curious how psychedelics may help us change our minds? And did you know that by facilitating neuroplasticity, psychedelic plants can help us make unique connections and think outside our existing patterns, inviting new perspectives and possibilities?

During the second edition of Waan>zin, an interactive series that playfully explores creative solutions to systemic mental health challenges, you venture further into the world of (plant-based) psychedelics with a neuroscientific researcher Stefanie Enriquez-Geppert, psychedelic journey guide LeilArts and an immersive VR experience by Jan Kounen that comes very close to experiencing an Ayahuasca journey. mathhijs_ideas shares his stories on mycology through a lens of experience stemming from several different endeavours, experiments and projects. This evening is moderated by Cathelijne Blok.

By shining a light on this new frontier in mental health treatment, we hope to inspire nuanced dialogue and provocative ideas about the potential of psychedelics to bring about positive change in people’s lives. 

The Jan Kounen VR experience will be available starting at 19:00, and the talk begins at 20:00. The Jan Kounen VR experience will also be available after the talk during the DJ and drinks section of Felix Fridays.

Waan>zin #2 | Psychedelics is part of Felix Fridays.

You can join us and mingle in our Husly lounge during DJ & Drinks after the program.


Jan Kounen – A Kosmic Journey

Ayahuasca (Kosmik journey) by Jan Kounen

Cathelijne Blok | Host

Cathelijne Blok searched for her own interpretation of the term feminism while writing her Master’s thesis in Art History. This search culminated in the online & offline feminist art platform ‘TheTittyMag’. Among other things, she developed a special VR exhibition for Cosmopolitan, video series for the Rijksmuseum to TikTok, a collaboration with the Dutch embassy in Tokyo, the first online edition of Vincent on Friday X The Tittymag about women in art, a feminist art installation in Youseum, exhibition Spiritual Urgency in the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam and experience as (final) editor/ concept developer/director of several major media and advertising productions. She gives art lectures, offers creative consultancy for leading brands and museums, writes columns for Cosmopolitan, Eva Jinek online and the VARAgids among others, makes several podcasts for the Parool among others and likes to join TV and online shows like Margriet van der Linden. After her first book ZESTIEN with Tatjana Almuli, she is currently working on her second book about art with Publishing Podium.

Dr. Stefanie Enriquez-Geppert


Stefanie is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology at the University of Groningen. Her research focuses on executive functions, in which she assesses the underlying neurocognitive processes, and on the development of novel procedures and therapies for cognitive enhancement, such as neurofeedback. She teaches courses addressing topics in clinical neuropsychology, neurophysiological research methods, as well as in research ethics and science integrity.  

Stefanie founded the Neuro Ex-Funk Group to advance the understanding of the nature of executive functions as well as their neural implementation, to enhance functioning in both healthy and pathological groups. The lab’s research focuses on studying executive functions and cognitive trainings using psilocybin-assisted Neurofeedback.

LeilArts | Plant Medicine Journey Guide & Artist


Born in China and raised in the West, Plant Medicine Journey Guide and Artist Leila (LeilArts) has been passionately involved in finding the balance in her practices of Cha Tao/Dao: the way of nature through plants and tea. Leila’s practice guides people through integrating insights and ancient wisdom from journeys and ceremonies into a more mindful daily lifestyle.

She loves to support people and herself on the path through facilitating both private and group psychedelic plant medicine and micro-dosing journeys in a ceremonial setting, and co-creating a conscious, safe, free and connected space. Her work references the Sanskrit for The Dance of Life, an invitation to playfully meet both the dark and bright sides of life’s waves. 

matthijs_ideas |


matthijs_ideas is an Amsterdam-based artist and filmmaker, researching the developments in nutrition, food innovation, and spirituality. His last project ’12 Liquid Months’ investigates the ethical and social implications of our modern food culture by replacing his entire diet with complete food shakes for one full year. 

In his current project, he questions what happens when psychedelics become subject to commodification. Through this project, he became the founder of ‘Leeway Tools’ a start-up that sells legal psychedelic products. Together with Stef Spijkermans, he hosts the podcast ‘Follow The Mushroom’, which focuses on the broad developments in philosophy, science, and art through the lens of mycology.