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vr 8 sep

The Fragrant Garden Ball

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The Fragrant Garden Ball is a sanctuary of freedom, pleasure, creativity and self expression. This Ball will activate all the senses through art, film, fashion, music, and of course, the positive creative expression of body and sexuality. The Fragrant Garden Ball presented by Mystique Angel Garçon and the House of Garçon celebrates SWANA/MENA queer identities at Felix Meritis.

Presented by Mystique Garçon and the House of Comme des Garçons

All categories are inspired by cultural elements that have given ground to sensuality and the fierce energy it took to overcome taboos, pressures and shame. This Ball invites many artistic disciplines to create a safer space where the ballroom community may embody and exhalt a universe newly reinvented, tapping into their senses and roots.

Mystique Angels Garçon – Creator

Mystique Angels is a notorious figure of Sex siren, based in Rotterdam NL. She was invited
to Ballroom by the few Voguers of the time, Noa, Typhoon, Makaba and Savphire and they
founded together The Kiki House of Angels in 2014. She was born in France from migrant
Hispano/ Tunisian background, and has developed a creative and therapeutic way to
become one with her body and explore/ express her sexuality freely. Thanks to Ballroom, her
chosen safe space and family and her category Sex Siren that she walks since 2017, she
feels her happiest when she lets her body speak. She created this ball to give a space to
celebrating sexuality and all bodies by inciting creativity, in a Big Bang!

Yanou Ninja – MC

Yanou Ninja is the European prince of the Iconic House of Ninja. His first encounter with the culture has been in 2012 when he met Lasseindra and Nikki -the two pioneers of the Paris Ballroom scene- in a house music club in Paris. Already into Street dances culture,
Yanou’s category in the Ballroom scene became Old way, the first performance form of
Voguing. In 2013 Yanou was adopted by the Iconic House of Ninja and since then he walks balls and wins many trophies – Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo, London, New York, Milan, Stockholm, Rotterdam, Miami, Berlin, Orlando, Düsseldorf. Beside Yanou’s achievements in the Ballroom Scene he has performed for brands like Hermès, Lancôme, Vogue Magazine, Valentino, Rick Owens, Vivienne Westwood, Adidas, Dior and has been working with choreographers like Zack Reece, Nicolas Huchard Parris Goebel, Kyf, I could never be a dancer, Dafne Bianchi, Bgirl Val and Alex Mugler.

Parisa Gorgeous Gucci – Judge


Diesel (He/Him) is an unapologetically open gay man with roots from Iran, born in Sweden now living in Norway.  He is known as The European Prince of Seduction (Father of the Kiki house of Meraki & 007 in the Major scene). Currently he is competing in the categories: Sex siren, Body & Oldway. Introduced into the Ballroom scene in 2011, he walked his first Ballroom function in 2016, and has been an active member ever since. Diesel is as well known for creating the Online Balls as well as creating and managing the European Ballroom calendar.

  • Typhoon Angels – Commentator
  • Naïmah Elle -Judge
  • Perry Ninja -Judge
  • Saviero Revlon – Judge
  • Ninos Garcon – Judge
  • Shahin 007 – Judge
  • Akasha 007 & Jînn 007 – Team Photo
  • Leyla Benouniche & Kursat – Team Film
  • Suza Vos – 3D Artist


Ballroom is a safe and underground space created by African-American and Latinx trans women, and is made for the LGBTQIA+ community. It originated in pageantry and developed into an entire culture and community across the world. It’s a unique safer-space where Queer Black and Indigenous PoC’s are fully free to express the excellence, pride and joy we may not get to express outside. Refrain from visiting if you aren’t charged with goodwill.

Due to the sensitive topic of this Ball we will ask you to be particularly sensible <3.

Be aware of your attitude and of the space you occupy, especially if you are not from the community. Ballroom is one of the very few safer spaces available to us as the rest of the world fits and caters to the needs of cisgendered, straight caucasian beings.

Racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia and any other form of discrimination won’t be tolerated. The door and floor angels reserve the right to refuse entry or to escort out any unsuitable energy or behavior.

IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN YOU RECORD OR MAKE IMAGES OF THE BODY AND SEX-SIREN CATEGORIES. (An allowance for people accompanying participants is given as an exception). IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO MAKE PROFESSIONAL OR PORTFOLIO PICTURES UNLESS YOU HAVE RECEIVED AUTHORIZATION FROM THE ORGANIZER, Mystique Garçon aka @snowblackmimi. If you raise your camera you will be checked, called out and stopped, if you do not comply, we will escort you to the exit. We are very serious about privacy and consent.

Make sure you clearly ask consent if you want to get closer physically, and address everyone with kindness, decency and respect. If someone gets close to you in an unwanted way, let them know politely, or flag it to one of the floor angels wearing a badge. If you feel uncomfortable due to the approach or behavior of somebody, please flag it to the floor angels. Iif you feel unwell, we can guide you to a calmer space where you can relax and drink some water, lie down etc.

Last but not least enjoy the Ball and channel your fabulous self, your smiling side, your sassy, your sexy! We know you will bring your best behavior and spirit on this night, so have an amazing time!


For access requirements please contact info@felixmeritis.nl or call +31 06 38 41 6976.


If you are willing to volunteer and support the good functioning or safety of this event, you are welcome to email rivka.vandenberg@amerpodia.nl to help us with something meaningful.

Would you like to join this program, but currently don’t have the means to buy a ticket? Send an e-mail to info@felixmeritis.nl to work something out.