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vr 24 mrt

SUBURBIA presents: MALUSUARIO | Film, live music & art

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Ticket price includes a drink

SUBURBIA is a series of events which focuses on welcoming a wide range of sounds, performances and visual works with an alternative approach to club and street culture.

At Felix Meritis they will showcase: MALUSUARIO, a quirky event that spotlights the film industry while keeping their interdisciplinary identity that gives space to any form of artistic expression, balancing mainstream scenarios and subcultures. They advocate for the different ramifications art has to offer. 

MALUSUARIO highlights the debate against the streaming platforms/rapid information consuming society,  which grows at such a quick pace. The spectrum of rarities is slowly dying and it’s time to stop watching films or consuming art as a math formula based product in order to discover the variety of horizons or emotions we can be taken to.


19:00 Welcome with tasting of Brazilian food and intro to the film

20:00 Start Limite film screening

22:00 DJ Palo Santo Disco

Limite (1931), the silent and experimental feature by Brazilian novelist and poet Mairo Peixoto, narrates from a small boat the life of three shipwrecked people. Peixoto, who never finalized another film, won the admiration of pioneers such as Sergei Eisenstein, Georges Sadoul or Walter Salles. Persuaded by an evocative photograph of Andre Kertesz in a French magazine, this avant-garde gem centers on a man and two women lost at sea while their past unfolds through flashbacks. A pioneer of independent Latin American filmmaking, Limite propelled its pristine figure through the music of composers Erik Satie, Claude Debussy, Igor Stravinsky and others.

SUBURBIA: MALUSUARIO brings together a latin american silent movie with a live band performing the soundtrack. This program is a part of Felix Fridays. Afterwards you’ll be able to chill and have a drink in the Husly lounge.

Would you like to attend this program, but don’t have the means to pay for a ticket? Send an email to info@felixmeritis.nl, we can work something out.

‘Ash Zarah’ | Band

‘Ash Zarah’ is a collaborative project formed by Jonathan Nagel, Omer Sigler, Assi Weitz, and Alba Boustanji. They play together with acoustic, electro-acoustic, and electronic instruments to grow sonic scapes that range from ambient to heavy noise. The contrast in sound qualities, intensity, and atmosphere drives the improvisation forward. It has a reciprocal relationship with potential text, which is also improvised.

Serena Tutino | Founder of Suburbia, and Art Installation Creator

As in every Suburbia event, the founder Serena Tutino works within the given space by using utilitarian components such as found objects, industrial and everyday items, textiles, and commonplace materials, and technologies of the populous, to transform perceptions of psychic and physical space.