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do 29 jun

UITVERKOCHT | Ripples | A Transformative Journey of Deep Listening

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Get ready to embark on a transformative musical experience like no other. On June 29th, we invite you to Felix Meritis Concert Hall for an immersive musical concert that will ignite your curiosity and awaken your senses.

Prepare to be swept away by a captivating concept that delves deep into the essence of life. We explore how we are always trying to flow and dance with life, but sometimes need to go through struggles and hardship to truly keep on dancing, rather than fighting against it.

Through a unique arrangement, our musicians will craft a narrative that explores the profound interplay between struggle and alignment, chaos and harmony. You’ll be taken on an hour-long journey where the boundaries between performer and observer blur, allowing you to delve into your own introspection and experience a powerful sense of togetherness, joy, and connection.

A Luminora Experience

Experience the transformative power of music as it weaves its magic, challenging and inspiring you to embrace the present moment. Sit in stillness and let the music move you, allowing its melodies and rhythms to touch you.

Curated by Bruno Sitton.

Performing artists: BLIJ, Delawhere, Junior Appiah, Nathan Badu, Phantom Wizard, Randell Heye, and Tim Wes.

Would you like to join this program, but currently don’t have the means to buy a ticket? Send an e-mail to info@felixmeritis.nl to work something out.