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wo 24 jan

Reiky Forever

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An evening in honor of Reiky de Valk and the launch of the Reiky4life foundation.

Reiky de Valk, a beloved figure in the creative community, left an indelible mark as a filmmaker, photographer, actor, and DJ before taking his own life last September. In a warm celebration of his remarkable life and talents, we invite you to join us on Wednesday January 24th.

On this evening, Reiky’s final photo project for The New Originals will be unveiled. The event will also mark the official launch of the Reiky4life foundation, a heartfelt initiative by his parents, friends, and colleagues to honor his memory and help other young creatives with their inner pain. The evening will be graced by musical performances including Phantom Wizard as well as speeches by the organizers. 

“Reiky has commissioned us to spread more light and love in the world. With this foundation we honor his life and our love for him”, says his mother Anouk de Valk. To support the foundation’s noble mission, we will be raising funds through the sale of prints showcasing Reiky’s captivating work, as well as through generous donations from attendees. Every contribution will help us further the cause championed by Reiky4life.

Please join in this collective tribute to a luminary of the Amsterdam creative scene. Come along to celebrate Reiky’s talents, remember the joy he brought to our lives, and contribute to the lasting impact of the Reiky4life foundation.

If you are unable to attend the event but would like to make a donation you may do so by scanning the QR code or through this link