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Quarantine Confessions

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Love & Intimacy in Lockdown

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Whether you’re crying and masturbating to the news, or developing a secret zoom-sex alter ego, you’re invited to the group talk Quarantine Confessions to share or find out about other’s experiences on love & intimacy in lockdown.

What a time to be alive… Lockdown forces us to experiment with our love life and sexuality. What do we do with idle hands and lots of free time? Are we spending hours chatting online? Or not interested at all? Playing games or having clandestine meetings with our exes?

Whether you’re crying and masturbating to the news, or developing a secret zoom-sex alter ego, feeling free to try new things or on a rollercoaster of emotions: join us to liberate yourself by confessing your most intimate secrets from quarantine (anonymously if you prefer) – or play the voyeur and simply listen in. No confessions are too shocking or too simple!


This event is hosted by Morgan Catalina and Oliver Blank of Hot Takes, a platform to explore contemporary sexuality, intimacy and love. Our heightened sense of vulnerability is one of the most fascinating parts of quarantine, and through Hot Takes new online event series, Morgan & Olly aim to offer liberating, fun and educational experiences related to love. Bring your curiosity, compassion, and respect to what is sure to be an entertaining and enlightening event.


>> This program is hosted in English.

>> The link to the Zoom meeting; click here.

>> The meeting is open from 19:45, program starts at 20:00, and lasts approx. 75 minutes.

Morgan Catalina is an Amsterdam-based creative producer working across art, science, design and technology. As the founder of Hot Takes, she helps build community through this safe yet provocative platform to explore contemporary sex, love and relationships. Her goal is to normalize and celebrate sexuality in all its fascinating forms. 

Oliver Blank is an English artist and designer. His artwork is about intimacy and affection in public, and his design projects focus on the prevention of suffering. Coaxing his audience out of the quotidian, Oliver’s artwork induces unforgettable experiences that instill a shared romance and sense of community.