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vr 27 sep

OTION & All These Voices

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Dive into an evening where the magic of the performing arts and community spirit come alive.

In the heart of Amsterdam, a city steeped in history and cultural richness, a special milestone is being celebrated: the 10th edition of OTION & All These Voices. Master Of Sceneries OTION, a versatile Amsterdam artist, invites you to an evening that will stimulate all your senses and, above all, touch your heart.

18:00 – 18:30 UNBORN – EP darkroom listening experience (additional ticket required)
20:00 – 22:00 OTION & All These Voices

Homage to global community

In a time when the sense of community often fades into the background, OTION creates a celebration where the audience is not only a spectator but also a participant. Deep listening, breathing together, moving, and sharing silences become the core of an evening that feels like a warm embrace. This event is more than a full evening program; it is an homage from an artist to the global community. ‘All These Voices’ underscores the value of art and cultural diversity, celebrating the elements that make our world a unique place.

Dive into an evening where the magic of the performing arts and community spirit come alive. Allow yourself to be carried away by the diverse voices that converge to inspire, connect, and celebrate. Reserve your tickets today and become part of this extraordinary event. Join us as we navigate the currents of creativity and celebrate the arts up close. Together, we will make the 10th edition an unforgettable one.

18.00h UNBORN – EP darkroom listening experience

Closing the UNBORN theater tour OTION and dropped.dots (music producer) are releasing the music from the show on an EP. For this special occasion they are offering a first time darkroom listening experience, where you will be fully submerged in the sonic vibration of the UNBORN universe.

UNBORN is an intimate theatrical concert blending ambient neo-soul, R&B, hip-hop and indigenous rhythms. Inspired by the infinite in-between of transformation, UNBORN invites you to travel through the inner universe of OTION. Surrounded by emotions like confusion, melancholy and joy, UNBORN creates a moment of reflection and motivates you to kick off your own personal process of transformation. Venture through a world of text, music and projections with the guiding question: “Am I breaking down or unfolding?”

OTION – Master of Sceneries®

Theo d’Or en AFK stimuleringsprijs-nominee (2024), OTION is a multifaceted artist passionate about theater, dance, choreography, composing, songwriting, and performing. Exploring the spiritual tradition of his afro-surinamese ancestry, OTION developed a deep appreciation for the metaphysical aspects of his art form. As an interdisciplinary artist, his mission is to imagine spaces, rituals, and ceremonies for the contemporary urban environment where others can be moved by the power of sound and reconnect with themselves. His work reflects on the human experience using water, waterbodies, water states and water motion as a source of inspiration, making ‘OTION’ (pronounced ocean) a reference to the element that connects us all.

OTION on Instagram (@otion11)

dropped.dots – music producer / sonic architect

dropped.dots, an innovative music producer  rooted in Argentine soil, began his journey in 2007, drawing from the rich musical heritage of artists like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Peter Gabriel.

He is heavily influenced by genres such as jazz, Argentine folk music, and contemporary sounds. Performances across Argentina, including notable venues like Luna Park and Único de La Plata stadium, showcased his growing presence. dropped.dots aims to transcend traditional album concepts by integrating visual art with music, enhancing the overall experience. Their live performances adapt to various spaces, utilizing different media to convey their message. dropped.dots invites listeners to shed prejudices and immerse themselves in an unfiltered musical journey, challenging conventional norms and embracing the freedom of the present.

dropped.dots on Instagram (@dropped.dots)

Would you like to attend this program, but don’t have the means to pay for a ticket? Send an email to info@felixmeritis.nl, we can work something out.