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vr 23 feb

Oplaadsessie: Lounge Performance Harp by Ranie Ribeiro

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For the first Oplaadsessie of 2024, Ranie Ribeiro will help you reach a state of relaxation, revitalisation and replenishment through the mesmerizing sounds of his harp.  

Ribeiro uses the harp to experiment with classical and ambient sounds while creating and adding onto existing compositions he describes as meditative and vulnerable. Let the sounds captivate you as you enjoy a unique way of recharging and relaxing during the first Oplaadsesssie in an intimate setting at the Shaffy-zaal.


Ranie Ribeiro’s artistic journey has taken on new dimensions and disciplines. Formerly known by his DJ moniker D-Ribeiro, Ranie Ribeiro is solidifying himself as a harpist. One of the notable aspects of his transformation is not only embracing the role of a composer, but also as a stage performer. 

For award winning choreographer Sedrig Verwoert’s piece ‘The Ritual’ (2023), Ribeiro was initially commissioned as a co-composer alongside Phantom Wizard. Eventually both self taught musicians performed live on stage while Sedrig Verwoert and Alanna Archibald executed the piece in elegant movements.

In live performances at acclaimed venues such as Paradiso, Melkweg and de Doelen (2023) Ribeiro used the harp to experiment with classical, electronica and hiphop elements while creating and adding on to existing compositions he describes as meditative and vulnerable. Ribeiro also appeared with singer-songwriter Linde Schone on NPO 3FM and with the newly formed Kinship Ensemble at Ruigoord (2023).

Ribeiro unveils his talents as a score composer for the first time on Het Jaar Rond on Nous’Klaer (2021), commissioned by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. Embracing the harp’s delicate resonance he went on scoring various projects such as Het Limburgse Landschap (2021), Short Scores (2022) commissioned by Eye Film, and most recently, Waka Nanga Mi (2023). The latter short film was screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and received massive public acclaim. 

Would you like to join this program, but currently don’t have the means to buy a ticket? Send an e-mail to info@felixmeritis.nl to work something out.