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vr 26 mei

Oplaadsessie | A Guided Dance Meditation

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Ticket price includes a drink

Time to recharge! For this upcoming Oplaadsessie, we have a guided dance meditation + live DJ set planned. Yoga teacher Bonnie will help you step by step to find expression in your movements while Bonita DJ will take care of the music. The guided structure of this dance meditation will provide you with the tools to find freedom within your body and will encourage a heightened state of awareness and focused attention. 

Expect a movement improvisation class with the structure and guidance of a meditative journey. All to help practitioners raise physical awareness by focusing on listening to the flow of movement, music and inner rhythm. 

Oplaadsessie: A Guided Dance Meditation is part of Felix Fridays. Afterwards you can join and mingle in our Husly lounge during DJ & Drinks.

Bonnie Warnars | Yoga, meditation and breathwork teacher 

Bonnie comes from Amsterdam, and half of her bloodline stems from Indonesia. She grew up with the practice of yoga, as her mom had a daily practice, while next to the breakfast bowls her mom was playing the singing bowls. She was blessed to join yoga and meditation workshops in Bali at age 13. From the age of 3 she went to the elementary school of the Rosicrucian, where the moto is to live from listening to the heart. Today her mission is to teach people to listen to their body’s and to feel the intense joy throughout movement — or simply by sitting still. Bonnie teaches vinyasa, yin and mediation at Delight Yoga, Equal Yoga, MACU Festival, Conscious Club, and Soho House, making it creative and challenging through incorporating elements like Chinese medicine and musical layers. 

 Bonita Djugumovic | DJ 

Bonita Djugumovic, born in former Yugoslavia, raised in the Netherlands, has one life motto: do whatever you like with respect for others and our planet. Enjoy your time with endless music on the fore and background, somewhere in this world with positive people. She’s at her best, surrounded by lots of people where she can give them the best vibes and music. “Next to a good choice of music, positivity and good energy are the best drugs for a successful party”. Bonita’s music is not one certain style, it’s a mixture of Deep House/Tech House combined with tropical nature sounds and Balkan beats. It’s one big mix. She chooses it while playing, cause vibes are in constant movement. And when you feel the crowd, the crowd will feel the music.