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Doing Nothing With A.I.

Onderdeel van Me, Myself & A.I.

Me, Myself & A.I.

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A talk with designer/artist Emanuel Gollob on relaxing your mind with the help of A.I.

Je ticket geeft toegang tot alle programma’s van de avond, maar kom op tijd voor een goede plek.

Busy, busy, always a busy bee: this is how most of us feel. Just relaxing and doing nothing, with the help of A.I.? Designer/ artist Emanuel Gollob gave us just that.

A talk with designer and artist Emanuel Gollob, who with his project Doing Nothing With A.I. gave us the chance to relax with the help of A.I.

Enjoying the moment, being totally relaxed without distractions: way more productive in the long run than constantly being engaged in (online) activities. In this day and age, we keep getting distracted by our digital technologies; it can be a tricky thing to keep our brain healthy and ‘chill’.

Can A.I. help us to get into a mode of hyper-attention? This is exactly what Emanuel gave us with his multi-disciplinary project Doing Nothing With A.I., where you enjoy a moment of inaction and introspection. For us, he explains the ins and outs of this work.

Emanuel Gollob’s visit is made possible by the International visitation programme of Het Nieuwe Instituut with support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Een gesprek met designer en kunstenaar Emanuel Gollob, die ons met Doing Nothing With A.I. de kans gaf om tot rust te komen via A.I.

Kan A.I. ons helpen in een modus van hyper attention te komen? Dit is precies wat Emanuel ons gaf met zijn multidisciplinaire project Doing Nothing With A.I., waar je geniet van een moment van inactiviteit en introspectie. Voor ons legt hij de ins en outs van dit werk uit.

Het bezoek van Emanuel Gollob wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door het Internationaal bezoekersprogramma van Het Nieuwe Instituut met steun van het Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken.

About Emanuel

Emanuel Gollob graduated in Design Investigations at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. His most recent projects include kinematic video instruments for the Austria Pavilion at EXPO 2017 in Kazakhstan, as well as the Robot, Doing Nothing media art project, exhibited at the ARS Electronica Festival in Linz in 2017 and at ARS Electronica’s ERROR exhibition at the DRIVE Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin. Since January 2018 he is working with a multidisciplinary team on the follow-up project Doing Nothing with A.I. He also was involved in Man & Activity at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and has been running his own artistic research studio on the intersection of human-A.I. interaction, neuroscience and robotics since 2017.