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wo 27 okt

It’s 2050 and we’re hungry!

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The Future of Food

What does our food look and taste like in the future? How did it change our culture and rituals? Are our bodies and our communities okay? Did we learn anything from the turbulent 2020s?

Felix Meritis brings together the sharpest minds across the fields of culture, food, technology and design. We explore our intricate & intimate relationship to food and imagine alternatives that account for the major shifts our planet, economies and societies are experiencing.

What do we mean when we talk about the future? During this introduction, we set the stage for the conversations that are about to unfold and zero in on the current planetary context. You will become aware of the forces shaping our accelerating world and their implications for our food systems. This is hosted by the multitalented Kiriko Mechanicus.

A guest speaker will kick off the night with an introduction. Then four stirring, in-depth talks by the best of the best, featuring agencies for urban transformation, Daan Luining (founder of Meatable), Ola Lanko (artist and chef) plus Noah Tucker and Anthony Joseph from the show High Cuisine.

Covid Certificate

To attend this performance you need to have a Covid certificate. Because of this, the 1.5 meter distance does not have to be kept inside the theater. A Covid certificate can be proof of vaccination, recovery of corona, or a negative test (from the last 24 hours).Upon entering the theater, we will ask you to show your corona certificate (QR code) through the CoronaCheck-app or by showing a print out version through CoronaCheck.nl. Don’t forget to bring your I.D. More information here.

Kiriko Mechanicus

Kiriko Mechanicus is a culinary writer and visual artist. She creates stories about all things that people put in their mouths. Her work often deals with the theatricality and flavors of life. Kiriko is also a fashion photographer, podcast-maker, inventor of new recipes, culinary historian, a great admirer of beautiful bouquets, and happiest when all these elements come together in unity of place and time.  

Daan Luining

As the CTO, Daan is responsible for everything scientific at Meatable. Before founding Meatable together with Krijn de Nood, he worked with Maastricht University Professor Mark Post on the world’s first laboratory-grown hamburger in 2013.

He later joined New Harvest, an NGO funding academic research in cultured meat, as the research director and started thinking about the huge gap in Europe when it comes to cellular agriculture and cultured meat. After speaking with many interesting people on the subject, he co-founded Meatable with Krijn. Through Meatable he is realizing his ambition to scale-up cultured meat.  

Ola Lanko

Ola studied sociology at the National University in Kiev, photography at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague and Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. In the past 10 years, Lanko has built a continuous ever-changing practice with a strong focus on building complex multifaceted frameworks which include a transdisciplinary approach manifested in a large diversity of artistic strategies. from photography to immersive multi sensorial installations, het practice combines intuitive and rational wisdoms into layered structures that invite one to wonder in search for meaning.

Currently her practice is inspired by alternative knowledge, cognitive science, transformative processes, monism, plants, smells, sounds and textiles. She addresses rising inequality and fear, polarisation and shattering of common realities, crisis of meaning and trust, subconscious drives and desires. Besides her artistic practice Ola teaches at the photography department in Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague.

Noah Tucker & Anthony Joseph

Noah Tucker and Anthony Joseph are both renowned chefs. Noah knew he wanted to be a chef from the age of six. Noah was a veteran of the US Navy and a graduate of the culinary institute of America. He has traveled the globe from Japan to Europe acquiring and honing his skill set. Anthony Joseph acquired his lifelong love of cooking from his Mum. His traditional education included a two-year apprenticeship specializing in classical French cooking and later added Asian influences along with other cuisines. In 2011 Anthony opened his first restaurant with Noah Tucker called Fraiche where they developed High Cuisine together.