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The first fully digital fashion show presented at THE MESSYVERSE.

2 & 3 September
Two shows per day.
FUTURE FRONT ROW is a never-before-seen digital fashion show featuring entirely virtual models.
Discover a range of fashion designers and artists from around the world who are embracing, multiplying and celebrating new possibilities for self-expression and authenticity.

The designers

DRESSX is a metacloset of digital-only clothes, NFT fashion items and AR looks. Understanding the scale of the negative environmental footprint produced by the fashion industry, DRESSX was created by Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova in July 2020 as the first-ever platform for digital garments that generate zero waste, carbon footprints, and chemicals during their production.

DRESSX collaborated with a number of fashion companies, including Bershka, American Eagle, H&M, providing the technology for digital fashion dressing to Farfetch, featuring collections from Burberry, Balenciaga, Off-White, Dolce & Gabbana, Khaite, Palm Angels and more.

DRESSX digital fashion was featured in Vogue Business, WWD, HighSnobiety, Forbes, Financial Times, BoF, and more.

Physical crafts are the technologies of the pre-digital age while digital tools are becoming the crafts of the future. The project Augmented Weaving was initiated in 2021 by Anita Michaluszko and Flavia Bon to explore novel ways of working around the technique of jacquard weaving and digital forms of craft. Their research focuses on the creative exploration of physical, digital, and virtual tools in fabric and textile shape creation. Envisioning a future where the digital realm is a boundless playground while the creation of physical objects becomes rare and the ultimate luxury.

Orthodoxx is a visionary 3D design studio at the forefront of digital textile creation and product visualization for the fashion and interior design industry. Step into our realm of artistic expression and witness the convergence of imagination and digital mastery. We believe in the transformative power of digital textile creation and product visualization and are fueled by the desire to shape a new era where imagination knows no limits.

As our lives become increasingly digitized, a need is emerging for new digital representations. Soon the Metaverse will be our standard location for working, learning, meeting and consuming. Just like traditional fashion, a need will emerge for creative expression through fashion for digital avatars.

Code Couture is a digital fashion initiative that uses computer algorithms to create unique garments for digital avatars. It aims to explore the full extent of Metaverse fashion and give people more freedom of expression in the digital world.

Code Couture prioritizes uniqueness, individuality, and artistic expression through fashion in the digital realm, with the ultimate goal of providing users with the freedom to express themselves in new and innovative ways.

Mutani is an Antwerp-based digital fashion network driving actions between high-creative fashion designers and talented digital creators to produce digital fashion assets for games, virtual worlds and digital marketplaces.

AVØLVE redefines luxury through groundbreaking digital fashion, fusing cutting-edge technology with visionary design. Our narrative-driven design solutions forge deep connections between brand and consumers, while setting new benchmarks in the world of digital fashion. We empower artists and creators, providing advanced tools to shape the new creator’s economy. Join AVØLVE as we rewrite the rules, unleashing a new era of limitless possibilities. Embrace the co-creation revolution and redefine your digital identity with our unparalleled [ AVATR–CLL® ] //:

“What if we could express ourselves without wasting any physical material?” This was the question Suza asked herself. With a background in tailoring, she began to question the fashion industry’s practices. The concept of 3D fashion resonated with her as a means to create a more sustainable future. Being one of the pioneers in this field, her career took a significant turn. Suza started as a junior fashion designer at The Fabricant and eventually grew into the role of Creative Lead. This year, she embarked on her own journey as an independent digital fashion artist, establishing her own brand. Her work serves as a reflection of her life, characterized by a unique style that combines vintage and archetypal elements through a futuristic lens.

The Fabricant is the digital fashion house leading the fashion industry towards a future of digital-only clothing, which operates at the intersection of fashion, gaming and blockchain. It creates its own digital-only couture collections and collaborates with brands to bring them into the 3D space. To date it has worked with Under Armour, Off-White, Vogue Singapore, Puma, Napapijri, Peak Performance and Adidas, amongst others, to demonstrate the vast creative possibilities within the digital fashion environment.

FUTURE FRONT ROW is part of THE MESSYVERSE. By buying a ticket you can experience the first fully digital fashion show FUTURE FRONT ROW, the exhibition and attend the programs on the day you purchase a ticket for.

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