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vr 12 apr — za 13 apr

Funeral Ecstasy – The Paradise (installation)

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A celebration, a guided meditation, or a rave for the end? Rotterdam-based interdisciplinary crew HipSick presents their newest performative installation on April 12 & 13. 


April 12 | 15:30-17:00 

April 13 | 12:00-14:00  

The Paradise is the first volume of FUNERAL ECSTASY, a series that challenges common notions of endings and encourages a heightened awareness of the present moment. This unique experience invites deep reflection on the impact of the cyclical nature of life and plays with our perception of time and impermanence. Can we really accept that everything is impermanent? And is there an alternative approach possible for dealing with the inevitable? 

The Paradise makes you aware of the moment, emphasizing the value of every second. In an installation with performers, you are led through ebb and flow, moving between darkness and light, intensity and calm. The work was developed in close collaboration with the audience.  


The installation can be experienced as a theatrical and musical concert. Closing your eyes and just listening to the music, voice-over and silence is an experience in itself. As a visitor, you can sit around or under the installation on a blanket. There is room for taking time, for fantasizing about finitude. There are guides present who will facilitate this feeling. As a moment of reflection, you can leave your state of mind on paper. You can also read the “state of minds” of others. 

About HipSick

HipSick is an interdisciplinary crew from Rotterdam working at the intersection of performance and installation art. Starting from a fascination with the fringes and night culture, HipSick investigates and questions normativity. 

Would you like to join this program, but currently don’t have the means to buy a ticket? Send an e-mail to info@felixmeritis.nl to work something out.