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Full Circle with Sunny Jansen

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Join us for our 8th edition of Full Circle with Sunny Jansen, a.k.a. Covergirl Sunny. Sunny is a creative legend, style icon, and an inspirational role model for many. Together with moderator Dymphie Braun, we’ll take a deep dive into her early years, her career in music, fashion, and PR. Let’s revisit the cultural scene of the 80s in Amsterdam and explore the history of her legacy.

Aside from her important role in Amsterdam’s cultural and creative scene, Sunny Jansen is an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. She’s known as a positive role model, paving the way for many transgender individuals who are now making names for themselves. Today she is an important voice online for #translivesmatter poc, #blacktranslivesmatter and she is Global PR Manager of the Amsterdam clothing brand Daily Paper.

Covergirl Sunny

Sunny Jansen, also known as Covergirl Sunny and daughter of the House of Nickie Nicole in the 80s, gained widespread recognition as a prominent figure in Amsterdam’s nightlife scene during the 80s. She was discovered by AVENUE magazine and became their covergirl, marking a significant milestone in her career. From there, Sunny’s journey took her to the catwalks of Paris and New York, rubbing shoulders with renowned fashion houses like Dior and YSL.

Throughout her career, Sunny was a popular personality in Amsterdam’s nightlife, contributing to events like Erwin Olaf’s ‘Fuck Les Balles’ and the Gay Pride festivities. She made waves as one of the first visible transgender women of color in Amsterdam, breaking barriers in various fields.

Sunny’s talents extended beyond the nightlife as she ventured into television, hosting events, and even appearing in films like ’30 minutes’ by Arjan Ederveen. She made significant strides in the DJ scene, introducing r&b and hiphop music to the LGBT community and becoming the first trans woman of color to DJ in mainstream clubs.

Her influence also extended to the fashion world, where she served as a resident DJ for Amsterdam Fashion Week and collaborated with esteemed brands and publications like CHANEL, VOGUE Netherlands, and Harper’s Bazaar. Additionally, Sunny made her mark in PR, representing Dutch designers and spearheading creative projects like the Underground Fashion Languages Amsterdam platform.

With an impressive career spanning decades, Sunny continues to make an impact as a DJ, creative manager, and advocate for diversity and inclusion in various industries.

Dymphie Braun | Moderator

Dymphie is an experienced programme maker, facilitator, and strategist driven by the principles of equality and inclusion. Her mission is to promote creativity as a tool for social justice. She organises and hosts programmes, events, and talk shows about art, design, and (digital) storytelling – sparking up cultural convos for the community.

Full Circle

Full Circle is an in-depth talkshow with an holistic view of today’s pressing issues. A safe space with a Q&A mentality. Here, you will engage directly with interesting pioneers in the fields of art, entrepreneurship, tech and science. These trailblazers share their personal stories and groundbreaking approaches with which they tackle the challenges of our time. We dive into the worlds they build and hear the talk behind the picture.

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