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This event is free, but please register via the ticket button.

The African Cup of Nations LIVE in Felix

Although we may not be able to travel to Ivory Coast to celebrate the finale festivities and competition, we can bring the AFCON spirit right here to Felix Meritis. On Sunday February 11th, the Parisian platform Prince-s des villes will host an intimate event titled ‘FOOTBALL IN THE HOUSE,’ celebrating African football.

The African Cup of Nations has been shaking communities worldwide since its start in January. With flags waving proudly, and people joyously singing and dancing, this competition has exemplified the vibrant spirit of the continent and its diaspora.

Football & culture

Instead of watching the final from the confines of our homes, we’ll come together for a screening of the AFCON finale, uniting as one big family. Because this tournament isn’t just about football and its performance, but also about culture, you can explore a rich part of African football history through the release of the  ‘Football’ book by Middle East Archive and a photography exhibition curated by More Than Goals and Collected Good Good.

Jollof Club

Before the live event, the Jollof Club (by chef Nicolas Aquaa) will treat us with its signature dish, ensuring a complete and immersive experience. Known for bringing the vibrant flavors of West Africa to the world stage, the Jollof Club endeavours to introduce West African cuisine to a global audience in a welcoming and accessible manner.

The beats for the night will be provided by Amsterdam’s very own Eben Badu.


7:30 pm | Opening with DJ set x Eben Badu & Food Jollof Club

9:00 pm | Live Football screening 

9:45 pm | DJ set x Eben Badu

10:15 pm | Live Football screening

23:00 pm | End of event 

*When there is extra time, this schedule may be different

Join us

Join us in celebrating this unforgettable night. Bring along your favourite African flag and invite your friends and family to share in this moment. The event is free but be sure to secure your ticket by registering through the provided link.

Event powered by What’s Culture, Felix Meritis & More Than Goals.

Image photographed by Luca Sage