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vr 26 mei


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Image by Jasmine Melrose.

Join us for a thought-provoking evening as we explore the potential of the cyborg through the multisensory performance Cyborg DNA. A Cyborg is a hybrid between human and technology which has the power to dismantle fixed identities, but can they build a queer future?  In a queer future identities are fluid and interchangeable which means that people’s lives are not determined by their identity.

Cyborg DNA is a co-creation of dancer Robin Nimanong and digital artist Luxnautilus. Through dance, sound and light, they explore how the Cyborg can challenge the existing norms surrounding our body from a queer perspective. This evening is hosted by Cecile van Bruggen.

is part of Felix Fridays. Afterwards you can join and mingle in our Husly lounge during DJ & Drinks.

Cyborg DNA

Cyborg DNA is a collaboration between  Dance artist and creative producer: Robin Nimanong and digital artist Luxnautilus | Sound design en dance artist: Clara Cozzolino | Dance Artist: Phabpi NGO | Intern dancers: Erikas Žilaitis & Dovilė | Dramaturgy: Lara van Lookeren | 3D Images: Thomas van Rijk | ICK Artist Space (New Adventures): Suzy Blok & Astrid Haneveld.

Wil je graag bij dit programma zijn, maar heb je niet de middelen om een kaartje te betalen? Mail dan naar info@felixmeritis.nl, we kunnen dan iets regelen.

Robin Nimanong | Performance Artist

Performance Artist

Robin Nimanong (He/She/They) develops his work in the field of society and queer art, to aim for unheard voices to be heard. Consisting of his interest in dance, the body and media. He combines these with questions about identity, self-care and the future, crossing borders between dance and other disciplines. Future Forward Thinking and always discovering. A non-gender approach for transparency and honesty. Robin graduated with a bachelor’s degree at Modern Theater Dance in 2017, Amsterdam. His work is strongly driven by his queer identity and Thai background. His dance film Aphrodisiac II (NEXT BEST FRINGE AWARD 2020) was made by and for the queer community, with breaking down shame as a very important topic.

Cecile van Bruggen | Host

Cecile is a curator and performer with a background in philosophy. In her practice she communicates ideas which are larger than life through performative art. This evening matches her interest in the relationship between technology and humans. We, humans, have created technology just as much as technology has created us. Robin Nimanong’s performance “Cyborg DNA” shows how the complex relationship between technology and human identity paves the way for a queer identity. She is excited to host this evening where we explore the potential of the cyborg.