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vr 31 mei

AFROVISM X Sammy Hoever: Mouth Full of Golds

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After editions at House of CT and Soho House, AFROVISM takes over the Shaffyzaal at Felix. For this sixth edition, AFROVISM has invited the artist Sammy Hoever to show you the fascinating sides of digital art with an expo Mouth Full of Golds. At the opening, you will additionally enjoy music and spoken word.

In the expo Mouth Full of Golds, Sammy Hoever explores the endless possibilities of grill making. Inspired by the book ‘Mouth Full of Golds’ about Eddie Plein, each piece in this exhibition tells a unique story. Sammy’s artistic perspective reflects the intersection between art, identity and expression. For this exhibition, Sammy collaborated with talented make-up artist Thirza King, known for her mesmerising work.

The program starts on 31 May with a beautiful mix of spoken word, a saxophone performance by Jemairo Scoop and music from the 1.06 Music Library curated by DRKNGHTS. Drinks for the night will be sponsored by Moå and bites will be provided by Shadiera.


AFROVISM is a vibrant open-source platform dedicated to embracing the intersectionality of the Afro diaspora. Within its range of programmes, it strives to create environments that celebrate culture and creativity through a variety of disciplines and media.

Sammy Hoever

Sammy Hoever is at the forefront of multidisciplinary design and fine art. Combining fashion and digital design, her work is a vibrant symphony of diversity and innovation. she draws inspiration from the depths of cultural heritage and the vibrant hues of black art.

Specialising in 3D fashion design and creative directing, she creates stills and animations created with 3D technology. From detailed avatars, outfits and environments, every element in Sammy’s digital universe bears the imprint of her unique perspective and reverence for her digital dreams. With each creation, Sammy Hoever invites her audience to explore and appreciate the richness of diversity, creativity and the digital universe.

Sydney Lowell

The Amsterdam born & bred is active as a spoken word poet, voice actor, host and teacher. She’s also co-founder & producer of cultural platform @wethepeopleamsterdam and online spoken word production @2phrase.

Sydney Lowell is a poet out of necessity. She sees her poetry not only as a reflection of herself, but also as an extension; an extension that allows her to operate as a messenger.

Every performance is an invitation to closeness and an energetic exchange with her audience.

J.J Scoop

J.J Scoop is an expressionist/performance artist who uses the sonic vibrations of his saxophone to honour his inner findings and the traditions of oral storytelling. Although his sound resonates with the Spiritual/Ambient Jazz and avant-garde movement, he encourages people to pay close attention to his artistic integration of past, present and future.

Faouziat Biera Faous

AFROVISM was created by Faouziat Biera Faous, a multidisciplinary creative from Burundi living in Amsterdam. With a background in fashion, a fascination with art and an ambition to inspire others, she started AFROVISM in 2021.

1.06 Music Library

1.06 Music Library, established in December 2020, is a curated archive by DRKNGHTS. The library stimulates the mind by exploring music (and sound). Research, consult, study, read and listen. You are encouraged to get totally immersed and wander as far as you like. Libraries are gateways to knowledge and culture.

1.06 The Music Library was born out of a need for preservation, information seeking and a creative experience. By housing a wide variety of music genres and recordings, they aim to inspire and help form new ideas and perspectives that stimulate creativity and innovation.

Food & drinks

The drinks for the night will be sponsored by MOÅ and bites will be provided by Shadiera. MOÅ is the first premium vodka created with three individual distillations: freshly cut ginger, bergamot and makrut lime leaves. Shadiera embodies the spirit of Curacao’s culinary heritage. Every dish tells a story of tradition, innovation and the sheer joy of savoring life’s pleasures.

Would you like to attend this program, but don’t have the means to pay for a ticket? Send an email to, we can work something out.