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vr 25 nov

A Yin Yoga Journey #2

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Ticketprijs is inclusief een drankje na afloop met dj

The second edition of our beautiful Felix Yin Yoga Journey. After a lovely first session, we meet again on the top floor of Felix Meritis.

Our biological stress system has not (yet) fully adapted to the digital society of 2022. Time to recharge @ our Yin Yoga Journey #2. We promise it will help you find the balance in yourself again.

Join us tonight and recharge and get a sense of grounding and relaxation afterwards.

Make sure to bring your own mat and a blanket or warm sweater for the end of the journey.

Oplaadsessie is part of Felix Fridays. After this relaxing and recharging experience in the Koepelzaal, you can join and mingle in our Husly lounge during DJ & Drinks.

Grounding | Yoga, the mind-body discipline based on ancient Indian philosophy and now practised all over the world, has joined in 2016 Unesco’s list of intangible world heritage. According to Unesco Yoga is “Designed to help individuals build self-realisation, ease any suffering they may be experiencing and allow for a state of liberation’

Jin Soo | Yoga Instructor

Jin Soo will be your lovely yoga teacher for tonight. She will make sure you logoff, clear your mind and get grounded. Start your weekend well with Jin Soo.