1,5m protocol

This information will also be sent via email to the person who purchased the tickets.

Working with a 1.5m protocol, in accordance with the RIVM guidelines, Felix Meritis has set additional house rules for visitors, employees and speakers/players to create a safe environment. The rules on this page are just for the visitors. 

Keep your distance, a minimum of 1,5 meter
During your visit, stick to the RIVM (Dutch Health Organization) guidelines: stay at home when you have symptoms and keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other visitors and employees. We’ve made this possible through a number of adjustments:

  • Ticket sales: tickets are available online at the Felix Meritis website prior to the program or at the box office from one hour before the program starts. You do not need to print your ticket. Employees conduct ticket checks safely.
  • Arriving to the venue: Felix Meritis is open to public one hour before the start of the program, unless announced differently on the website or your ticket. To be able to keep 1.5m distance between everybody, we kindly ask you to come as early as possible.
  • Walking routes: one-way traffic is applied as much as possible. The routes are self-explanatory, otherwise you will be guided by one of our employees.
  • Hygiene: at the venue, there are hygiene stations at various locations that visitors can use to disinfect. Please use them. After using the bathroom, please wash your hands thoroughly.
  • During the program: the conventional audience arena has been removed from the theater space, so we can offer alternative seating that allows 1,5m distance between each visitor. We kindly ask you to not move the seats, because they have been measured out. There will be a bar in the downstairs area or in the theater space itself open before , during and after the program. Only card payment is accepted at this time. It’s only allowed to consume your drinks at your table or chair, not the bar.
  • Toilets: Toilets will be cleaned before and after the program. You can use them at any time during the evening.

Thank you for following the house rules and enjoy the program!