Felix | Finest wines

Wines too good to be hidden in a closed restaurant

This is why we’re launching Felix | Finest Wines: two wine boxes, carefully curated by our Sommelier Saskia Smeenk. In addition to wine we have some great alcohol-free options available to match the Felix | FLEX menu. Each wine comes with a comprehensive backstory, in video and written form. Experience Saskia’s charm and extensive knowledge from the comfort of your own home!

The first box, ‘Selection Felix Meritis’, illustrates that our wine list consist of unique but affordable wines. You can order this box for €60. The second wine box, ‘Moments of Joy’, highlights diversity. Discover these unexpected treasures from all over the world for €90.

All selected wines are elegant, bright, unique, and made with love. Enjoy them in your pyjamas on the sofa, or elevate a classy home-cooked dinner. You will find a wine to match each occasion. Life is what you make it, so why not make it a party?

Caring for Healthcare

The team at Restaurant Felix would like to show its support for everyone working in the healthcare sector in this trying time. This is why each tenth order comes with the opportunity to nominate someone working in this vital field. Your nominee can then pick up two free three-course meals and a bottle of wine. We will announce each tenth order at pick-up, so you can think of someone you would like to treat before you come in to collect your order.


Do you have what it takes to challenge our chef? Share a picture or video of your home creation and tag @restaurantfelixamsterdam and Chef @florisvanstraalen. The prettiest plate will win a dinner for two at Restaurant Felix including a behind-the-scenes tour. We will announce the winner on Instagram within a week as soon as we open for business as usual.